Tobacco Business: TPE 2018 Exhibitor Spotlight: Solace Technologies’ Luis Velazquez

What product(s) will you be featuring at Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2018? What differentiates those products in the market?
For TPE 2018, we are excited to display and promote our unique selection of original nicotine salts. Last year, we won best of show when we exhibited nicotine salts for the very first time at TPE 2017. Now that our brands have achieved global reach, we’re excited to return to ground zero as the market leader and inventor of the nicotine salt category for open systems.

Why are you going to TPE? What do you hope to accomplish there?
Being one of the first and largest nicotine salt manufacturers, suppliers and brands in the world, we prioritize quality products and strengthening our relationships. At TPE 2018, we look forward to showcasing our great flavors and brands, as well as finding ways to continue supporting our distributors and loyal customers who come before anything else.

What have you done to prepare for a successful show?
TPE is one of our favorite shows because of the quality of the event, organizers, vendors and buyers. We look forward to working with the organized and professional team from TPE once more.

What are your goals for 2018? 
To continue to grow the nicotine salt category we pioneer and to strive to move more conventional smokers away from combustible cigarettes. In addition, we want to continue to improve our products and ingredients to maximize a quality and safe experience for all of our customers.

What keeps you up at night?
The engine that keeps us up at night is to constantly find new ways to continually improve our customer experience and evolve as a company. We are believers in the notion that constant evolution and adaptation are essential ingredients to a company that truly values its long-term interests and potential.

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