The Chive Features Solace Vapor's Products among best products to have in 2018

In a recent feature by The Chive, which can be seen here, Sebastian from the Chive talks about the advantages of Solace Vapor over other pre-filled pod based vape products and cigarettes.

"If you’re tired of spending hard earned money on overpriced JUUL pods or lugging around a giant vape tank, pick up some Solace Salts. You can re-fill any of your pod-based vapes with Solace products or pick up a starter kit on their website (device + liquid). Solace’s e-liquids come in a wide range of flavors and are famous for giving people a more satisfying experience compared to other vape and cigarette products." - The Chive

We're super excited by the recent feature in the Chive, which is one of the most widely viewed content creators in the country and also has a huge following of service men and women as their audience.  

Solace Vapor is a manufacturer and producer of various nicotine salt based products.