Vaping vs. The Patch and Gum

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re a former or current smoker who is interested in understanding how vaping could be an alternative to the other habit  As you probably know, vaping is just one of the smoking alternative products on the market today.  The other two popular methods for quitting smoking are using nicotine gum and using the nicotine patch.

All three of these products supply the user with enough nicotine so that they can stop using tobacco products.  Nicotine, as we know, is a very addictive substance that is largely responsible for cigarettes being so difficult to quit.  In addition to nicotine, cigarette tobacco contains other chemicals that have addictive properties while being highly toxic to the body.

Obviously, those who wish to quit smoking are most likely going to turn to the most effective alternative that’s out there.

Vaping vs. the Patch vs. Nicotine Gum

Before we get into how each product ranks in terms of effectiveness, it’s important to understand how they differ from each other.  Vaping is the newest alternative on the market while nicotine patches and nicotine gum have been around for several decades.  However, as you’ll see, vaping's highly unique in that it promotes an experience that’s most similar to smoking a cigarette.

Nicotine Gum

Before vaping came along, those who wished to quit cigarettes with the aid of a nicotine replacement product could only choose between nicotine gum and nicotine patches.  Nicotine gum is an over-the-counter product that’s available in most drug stores.  It comes in a pack of several pieces that are meant to be chewed whenever the user feels a nicotine craving coming on.

While the user chews the nicotine gum, the gum absorbs through the tissue of the mouth so that it may enter the bloodstream and eventually the brain.  This allows the nicotine craving to go away as the user is experiencing the same dopamine release that cigarettes provide.  It also helps those who have an oral fixation and miss the act of placing something into their mouth when they crave nicotine.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches predate nicotine gum.  They have an adhesive backing so that they can stay on the skin for the duration of the day.  They contain a precise amount of nicotine that’s gradually absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream while the user is wearing them.  Typically, the user wears one nicotine patch per day, removing it at night and placing a new one on their body the next morning.

A Nicotine Patch provides a consistent, steady amount of nicotine while the user is wearing it.  This makes this product different from nicotine gum and e-cigarettes.  Rather than allowing the user to choose when they wish to consume nicotine, the patch ensures that there’s an even amount in the user’s system at all times.


Vaping is still, to many, the newest smoking alternative product to hit the market, and it’s quickly becoming the most popular.  Vaping involves inhaling e-liquid through an electronic cigarette or any other type of vaping device.  The e-liquid is heated by a coil so that it can be turned into vapor that reminds the user of inhaling smoke.

Today’s vaping industry is extremely diverse.  Users can choose between devices that look like real cigarettes or technologically advanced box mod units that allow the user to completely customize every aspect of their experience.  This alone is one of the many reasons why it has been trending upward.

Which Type of Nicotine Product is Best for Quitting Smoking?

These factors will determine which product is the best:


Of course, the amount that you spend on any smoking alternative largely depends on how much you used to smoke and, therefore, how much nicotine you require throughout the day to remain satisfied.  We’re going to break down the cost of each product based on a person who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.

It’s difficult to compare the cost of these products to the cost of cigarettes as cigarette prices greatly vary from state to state.  For instance, in Virginia, the average pack of cigarettes costs six dollars, while New Yorkers can find themselves paying up to thirteen dollars for a pack.

Meanwhile, nicotine patches cost around twenty dollars a week.  Nicotine gum is a bit more expensive, costing users somewhere around thirty-five dollars a week. 

Determining the weekly cost of vaping is a bit more complicated, simply because there are so many different vaping products on the market.  It can cost anywhere between ten and fifty dollars each week depending on the type of e-juice you’re using, the nicotine strength in your vape juice and the device that you use.  Still, most people who use pod systems with salt nic juice spend somewhere between ten and twenty dollars weekly.

Nicotine Intake

Of course, finding a smoking alternative that meets your needs requires that the product gives the user enough nicotine to satisfy their cravings.  The amount of nicotine that the user requires to feel satisfied largely depends on how many cigarettes they smoked on a daily basis.

Nicotine replacement products are available in a variety of strengths.  Nicotine gum is usually available in two different strengths, which can feel limiting to someone who is looking for a more precise intake level.  Nicotine patches come in a slightly larger variety of strengths.

Vaping is unique in that most e-liquids are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths.  Plus, unlike the gum or the patch, e-cigarettes allow the user to determine how much nicotine they wish to consume each day by deciding how many puffs they wish to take.  This allows the user to control their nicotine intake in a way that’s similar to smoking a cigarette.

Physical Satisfaction

It’s now believed that the physical act of smoking a cigarette can be just as addictive as the nicotine that’s inside cigarette tobacco.  This might explain why nicotine gums and patches aren’t as effective as the medical community would like them to be.  While nicotine gum can satisfy one’s oral fixation needs on some level, it’s not the same as the act of putting a cigarette up to their lips and inhaling smoke.  And, of course, using the nicotine patch doesn’t involve any physical act at all.

Vaping provides users with an experience that most closely resembles smoking.  Many e-cigarette products are designed to look and feel like cigarettes so that the user doesn’t feel like they’re losing the physical pleasure of their former habit.  And, the act of inhaling vapor is extremely similar to the act of inhaling smoke.


Vaping is unique in that it’s as simple as the user wants it to be.  Users can opt for extremely basic e-cigarette products that contain liquid and are completely disposable.  Or, they can choose more high-end devices that require some technological knowledge.  Interestingly, many vapers enjoy the more complicated setups because it allows them to modify their experience in a number of ways.

Nicotine patches and gum are very easy to use. 

Success Rate

As far as effectiveness is concerned, vaping seems to be ahead  A report found that eighteen percent of former smokers were able to completely quit cigarettes by switching to vaping.  Meanwhile, both the patch and the gum are about ten percent effective, with the majority of users going back to cigarettes in less than a year.

If You’re Ready to Quit Cigarettes, Give Vaping a Try

Based on our analysis, vaping could prove to be an alternative for those looking for a different approach to consuming nicotine.