Vaping and Your Heath: What Recent Studies Have Shown

If you’ve been familiar with vaping for a while, you’ve probably heard the many myths about vaping that it's incredibly damaging to your health.  There are even people who believe that vaping is more harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

A driving reason why so many people believe that vaping is harmful is because of the fact that the industry is less than ten years old.  This means that there hasn’t been enough time for researchers to fully study the effects of vaping compared to the effects of smoking cigarettes.

Now, however, the general public has access to an abundance of studies that have been executed over the last couple of years that prove that vaping is indeed a better alternative to smoking.

Even more importantly, these new studies about how vaping affects our health may help more and more smokers to confidently switch.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Which is More Toxic?

One of the biggest concerns that people have about vaping is that the ingredients that they’re inhaling are highly toxic.  Fortunately, we can now say that this is not the case.  A recent study done by JAMA determined that vaping is 98 percent less toxic than smoking cigarettes.

As we know, traditional cigarettes contain hundreds of ingredients that have been found to be harmful to the body.  These ingredients include cancer-causing carcinogens as well as tar, the ingredient that coats the lungs and causes them to lose functionality.  E-liquid, on the other hand, contains only four ingredients, with none of them being known to put a person at risk of cancer or any other serious diseases.

The study determined that vaping is a better alternative to smoking by using biomarkers to measure the levels of toxins in the urine of the participants.  The participants included people who vape exclusively with no prior tobacco use, people who exclusively smoke cigarettes, former cigarette smokers who switched to vaping and people who both vape and smoke cigarettes regularly.

The biomarkers determined that the urine in people who exclusively vape contained 98 percent less toxins than people who exclusively smoked.  Therefore, the study was able to determine that vapers are exposed to less disease-causing ingredients than people who smoke.

This wasn’t the first study to find that vaping is significantly less toxic than smoking.  In the United Kingdom, a study found vaping to be 95 percent less toxic than smoking.  Like the JAMA study, this study used biomarkers in order to measure toxin levels in participants’ urine.

In the UK, studies like these have led to a more vape-friendly attitude has allowed countless people to switch to vaping.  Because of the fact that these studies have confirmed beliefs that vaping is less harmful, doctors now promote electronic cigarettes to their patients who smoke. 

How Vaping Affects Your Lungs

Another big concern that vapers have is that it may damage the lungs.  Because the vapor is inhaled into the lungs, lung tissue is exposed to the ingredients that are in e-liquids.  Fortunately, a new study has been able to relieve vapers’ worries.

This study tested the lung tissue of people who vape heavily and was conducted over a period of three and a half years to carefully measure subtle changes in lung tissue.  The participants had their lung tissue examined by a lung HRCT scan on a regular basis over the course of the study.

Researchers were pleased to find that vapers’ lung tissue did not change at all during the three and a half years.  Similarly, it was determined that their lungs were functioning normally regardless of how frequently they vaped.

The study also found that the participants didn’t experience any of the respiratory symptoms associated with smoking such as wheezing, shortness of breath or chest tightness.  Although a couple of participants experienced minor episodes of coughing at certain points throughout the study, the researchers were unable to confirm whether the coughing was caused by the vaping or by another factor. 

Case for Propylene Glycol

As most vapers know, propylene glycol (PG) is the leading ingredient in e-liquid.  This alcohol-derived solvent helps turn e-liquid into vapor thanks to its viscosity and its resistance to high temperatures.

While the name may sound intimidating, propylene glycol is actually a very common ingredient that’s found in everything from skincare products to household snacks.  It’s safe to say that most of us have been consuming propylene glycol our entire lives with no ill effects.

Still, inhaling PG is a relatively new activity.  Many vapers have wondered exactly what this chemical does to our bodies. 

recent report has found that propylene glycol may in fact benefit our health when it’s inhaled into the lungs.  As it turns out, PG boasts incredible antibiotic activity that is capable of treating and preventing respiratory conditions such as pneumonia and influenza.

Vaping and Psychiatric Patients

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists recently released a report that suggests that psychiatric patients who smoke should be encouraged to vape.  This report was released in response to alarming statistics that demonstrate how psychiatric patients who smoke are more likely to die from the effects of tobacco than smokers who do not have a psychiatric condition.

The report argues that based on the abundance of studies that show how vaping is a better alternative, psychiatric patients can prevent premature death caused by smoking by switching to e-cigarettes.  It then goes on to state that psychiatric patients who vape are likely not at a significant risk of developing health problems as the result of e-liquid consumption.

How to Successfully Make the Switch

If you’re a smoker who has considered switching to vaping, now is the time.  Thanks to these many studies, it’s clear that e-liquid is a far better alternative to the tobacco that’s found in cigarettes. 

To successfully switch from smoking to vaping, we highly recommend opting for salt-based e-liquids that are used in pod mods.  These nic salt juices contain high concentrations of nicotine, allowing you to satisfy your cravings in a better manner.  The devices with which salt nic e-liquids are used, are extremely portable and very user-friendly, meaning that you won’t have to understand advanced technology in order to get your fix.

Studies Don’t Lie

Needless to say, the vaping community is incredibly grateful for the amazing studies that have been conducted over the last couple of years.  Thanks to these studies, vapers can rest easy knowing that their alternative is far less toxic than smoking.