Quitting Smoking: Product Recommendations to Start With

Solace Vapor has a very simple goal: To eliminate the use of traditional cigarettes.  We’ve created a wide variety of salt-based e-liquids that are specially manufactured to satisfy smokers’ needs without exposing their bodies to the countless dangerous chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes.

From our deeply satisfying nic salt e-liquids to a curated selection of user-friendly pod systems, we have everything that you need to turn your next cigarette into your last.

Why are So Many Smokers Switching to Vaping?

Even though the vaping industry is still in its infancy, millions of people around the world have used this relatively new technology to satisfy their nicotine cravings.  Vaping is such a widely successful alternative to smoking because it allows the user to enjoy an experience that’s very similar to smoking a cigarette.  However, instead of inhaling smoke, they’re inhaling flavored vapor that doesn’t contain the hundreds of toxic ingredients that are found in cigarette tobacco.

Vaping has been found to be an alternative to smoking than conventional smoking cessation tools like nicotine patches and nicotine gum.  While nicotine patches and nicotine gum do provide the user with a steady amount of nicotine throughout the day, they don’t satisfy the user’s need to enjoy the physical act of smoking, which can be just as addictive as the ingredients that are in cigarettes.

Vaping is also perhaps the most enjoyable smoking alternative you can find.  For many former smokers, vaping is an exciting hobby that allows them to explore a wide range of flavors and fascinating technology.

Why Solace Vapor Has Your Back

We were the first brand to formulate nicotine salts in order to provide vapers with a more effective form of nicotine.  We understand that what former smokers desire most is a satisfying nicotine buzz and a smooth throat hit inhalation.

The Power of Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are extracted straight from the tobacco plant.  They’re chemically isolated to provide you with pure and clean nicotine, free of the other chemical compounds found in tobacco.

Unlike the e-liquids that came before, nic salt e-liquids are better suited to satisfy smokers’ cravings.  Before nicotine salts were developed, e-juices were made with freebase nicotine.  The problem with freebase nicotine is that it doesn’t deliver the immediate sensation that a cigarette smoker expects.

Nicotine salts offer the same physical sensation that nicotine in cigarettes does.  You’ll experience the same familiar buzz and stimulation.  You’ll also notice a solid throat hit, very similar to that of smoking a cigarette.

Our Recommendations

These three salt-based e-liquids should be a good starting point on your vaping journey:

  • Bold Tobacco: Perfect alternative for someone who smoked cigarettes because it perfectly mimics the taste of bold, rich tobacco. This uniquely robust tobacco flavor takes care of those cravings and provides you with a flavor profile that’s smoky, rich, and earthy.

  • Mint: If you’re more of a menthol lover, this salt nic e-juice is a great choice. With each inhale and exhale, crisp mint will make your whole mouth tingle.  The intensity of the mint flavor is just right, cooling you down while invigorating your senses.

  • Mango: One of our best-selling flavors because of its clean, fresh and satisfying taste. You’ll feel unbelievably refreshed whenever you take a puff as the sweet and tangy taste of tropical mangoes wafts across the palate.

Pod Systems Designed to Mimic the Act of Smoking

The vaping devices that are compatible with our salt nic e-liquids are made to reproduce the experience of smoking as much as possible.  Unlike the massive box mods that you may have seen in vapers’ hands, these devices are incredibly subtle, lightweight and easy to use.

Known as “pod mods”, these devices contain coils that create a pleasurable throat hit when you inhale.  They also have batteries that are powerful enough to provide you with the perfect amount of vapor when you pull on the mod.  Many of these units are draw-activated, meaning that all that you have to do is puff away like you would on a traditional cigarette.

Our Recommendations

These three pod mods should be a good starting point on your vaping journey:

  • Suorin Air Starter Kit: One of the best-selling pod mod systems of all time thanks to its variety of features that satisfy smokers’ needs. Incredibly slim and pocket-friendly, this pod kit boasts a durable construction and reliable technology.  All that you have to do is fill the pod cartridge with your favorite Solace flavor and enjoy vaping.

  • SMOK Novo Starter Kit: SMOK is a leader in vaping technology, known for their reliable products that are equipped with advanced features. This uniquely attractive pod mod system features a very powerful built-in battery so that you can enjoy many puffs before it’s time to recharge the device. 

  • Kandi Pens RUBI: A remarkably lightweight, extremely slim pod system that’s as portable as they come.  This device is known for its ability to intensify the flavor of your e-liquid thanks to a ceramic coil that’s built into the atomizer.  An advanced airflow design ensures that you enjoy the perfect amount of vapor with each hit. 

Find Your Solace and make the switch

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