WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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June 14, 2018


At last, it's that time of year when all that we want to do is spend hours sitting beneath the hot summer sun while sipping some refreshing lemonade. If you want to enjoy this sweet and zesty beverage all day long without taking in all that sugar, Lemonade from Solace Salts is what you need in your life. This salt nicotine e-juice tastes exactly like that classic pink lemonade that quenches your thirst like no other beverage can. 

Solace Salts Lemonade is one of the most enchanting and refreshing flavors that you'll ever vape. This vape juice consists of a sharp, zesty lemonade that's infused with the exquisite flavors of juicy strawberries and tropical kiwis. These three fruits join forces to completely obliterate your thirst while satisfying your taste buds in every way. 

With every inhale, the sharp lemon taste strikes your palate, invigorating you instantly. The lemon's zesty notes tease your tongue as the juice slowly drips down your throat. Then, the mouth-watering tang of juicy, plump strawberries balances out the lemon's tartness. A twist of exotic kiwi flavor emerges on the taste buds as the vapor absorbs into the tongue. On the exhale, the lemonade's sugar comes through, making the sweet tooth feel wild with pleasure. 

Lemonade is made with salt-based nicotine. This type of nicotine provides you with a bit of a buzz as well as a smooth yet powerful hit to the throat. For this reason, most former cigarette smokers find that vape juices that are made with salt-based nicotine are much more satisfying. 

**Solace Salts are not intended for sub-ohm vaping. Lemonade is designed to be compatible with pod mods. 

With a base of 50 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 50 percent propylene glycol (PG), getting a smooth and flavorful throat hit will happen with ease.

Now that the warm summer weather is upon is, you owe it to yourself to grab a bottle of Solace Salts Lemonade and experience a truly refreshing vape.


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